Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dutch Girl Quilt


Dutch Girl

This quilt top was given to me by my sister-in-law.  Her grandmother made it for her and her other girl cousins, but never completed it.  I have several unfinished 'girls' that I can make another quilt with.  She machine appliqued each 'girl' onto white blocks. 

I love some of the fabrics, especially this dogwood print.  

This grandmother did not let convention dictate what prints she was going to put together.

You can see that she had to patch a few pieces together to make it the right size.

This block has two different fabrics sewn together.  You really only notice it when you look close.  From afar, it looks great!

I chose a teal flower print for the border and teal flannel for the back.  I felt the teal blended the other prints together and the red made a nice border.  I hand quilted it with a vine pattern.  My sister-in-law asked me to finish the quilt for my granddaugher.



My friend Sherri gave me this set of doll furniture for my granddaughters to play with. 

The paint is vibrant and I love the detail on each piece.

The furniture is set up on the small wash stand in my spare bedroom.  The butterfly doily was my grandmothers.  Buttercup, my fairy, is resting right now.  Please do not disturb her.



I have been busy sewing, just not getting anything completed.  My goal is to finish several projects this year, so I started on my own 40 year old Sunbonnet Sue quilt.  I shoved it back in a box due to several mistakes.  I have fixed those mistakes and I'm close to having it ready to quilt.  Also, I have started a throw quilt for my brother made from Crown Royal bags.  This one is fun!  Can't wait to show you how well it is coming along.

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  1. I love the old prints! It's really the thing now to sew together different fabrics. The more the better, I think. It really does pay off (in lots of ways) to have a friend like Sherri! Take care and have a great summer!

  2. I love the blocks with all the mismatched prints! It makes them interesting to know everything possible was used to put them together. I've made two Sunbonnet Sue quilts for granddaughters.
    What a great friend that Sherri is!!

  3. What a wonderful Vintage Quilt. I love that you have turned the blocks into a quilt and that your grand-daughter will be able to enjoy all the work passed down by family quilters! I also piece together bits of cloth when needed. Waste not ... want not! What fun your grand's will have playing with the doll house furniture; complete with a fairy! I look forward to seeing what other quilts and projects you have to share with us soon. Also, what a treasure to have the doily from your grandmother!

  4. I love the little Dutch girl's odd prints,especially that dogwood print! I think the odd miss matched fabrics give the quilt it charm. As always your quilting makes them beautiful. I am glad that Buttercup has a soft bed to sleep in!