Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Table Runner and Wool Rug


We popped by the neighbors house a few weeks ago when we were taking an evening stroll.  They have a beautiful log cabin, which they furnished in a wonderful western theme.  They have 2 horses and an mule in the pasture and a hitching post in their front yard with a saddle on it.  Looks really cool. I was looking around I noticed that a number of their fabrics:  curtains, lamp shade...that I have in my stash of fabrics.  

I also had a vintage quilt block left over from a quilt (that I never finished.  That's a story for another time, yikes).  It got me to thinking and TADA I made them a table runner.  (It's also pay back for all the wonderful horse poop I get from them!)  

The flower garden block was surrounded by white and was poorly made.  I took all the white off and blanket stitched it to a matching red square of fabric. 


 It was fun to make and I hope they enjoy it because I sure do enjoy the horse poop! 




I used the same frame that I've been making the rag rugs with but instead used wool stripes instead of cotton.  I went to 2 fabric stores to buy wool and neither one of them sell wool or wool blend.  So it was off to the thrift store for 100% wool jackets and skirts, navy, light brown, gray and light blue.  The navy in the picture looks black.

I worked this one slow as I wanted to make sure that the weavers were folded as I was weaving them.  I used hemp string as the vertical weavers.  I had wool lint all over but it was fun to do.  

 This one goes to my son.  I may start on another braided rug.  Hummm

The garden is going great, our best looking one so far since we've lived here, which is 4 years this month.  Not a weed in sight and already we've been eating lettuce, radishes and strawberries, with cabbage and peas almost ready.  Can't wait!

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