Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Monday, November 16, 2015

Patchwork and Biscuit Quilt

This 16 patch quilt top came to me from my sister-in-law's grandmother, Trula.  She used scrap pieces for the blocks and light blue polka dot and flour sack for the sash and border to make a full size quilt. 

This quilt has been stored for a long time and had several stains on it.  At one point it had been washed causing the blocks to unravel and threads to knot in the back.  It took we awhile to trim them all up.

On some of the flour sacking fabric there were green marks and some light lettering that I couldn't read.

Some of the blocks are a mixed bag of pieces and other she used two colors.

I machine quilted around each block along the seam to hold it in place due to some of the seams were coming apart.

I had a beige piece of fabric that I used for the back and chose light blue for the binding to match the polka dot blocks.




In the 1970's my grandmother gave me several old 1960's quilt booklets.  There were a few pattern that I hoped someday to make.  One was a Puff or Biscuit quilt, which I made into a crib quilt when my grandson was born a few years ago.  


 It has come back to me for minor repairs.


Each square is made up of 2 different size pieces of fabric, one larger than the other.  The larger piece, which would be the top of the quilt, is pleated on 3 sides and sewn onto the smaller piece.  Next a piece of batting is put inside the two pieces and then sewn shut with a pleat.  After making many small squares, I laid out a diagonal pattern and machine sewed each row together.  A piece of fabric was placed on the back and I machine sewed down every other row to secure it, then added the binding.  It was fun and really different looking.  Now on to the repair job!


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