Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Table Runners and Vintage Block Picture


This is my modified version of a Spicy Spiral Runner using some lovely burgundy and brown fabrics.  I had about 5 or more yards of the brown gardening fabric that I really don't like.   It came in a box of fabric that was given to me.

I've been using it for scrap projects, to tie tomatoes up, etc.  This was my very first runner I made last year and used this fabric just in case it didn't work out.  But I really like it!  The colors go well together and has a nice fall feel to it.


I had a small bit of batik fabric and added some matching yellows, greens and blues.  I sewed strips together, but just didn't like it, so I cut them diagonally and sewed them back together.  I also used batting to make it puffy when machine quilted. 



At my local thrift store was this small bag of vintage fabric and couldn't resist!  Inside was a quilt block and bits of fabric in all sizes.

 I love the colors and design of the block.  The quilter machine sewn the pieces together. 

You can see how its coming apart and has stains.  Adorable fabrics!

Can you see the blue blocks that were pieced together to make 2 whole blocks.  The blue block on the left has a long seam.  It looks like a wrinkle.

I  didn't want to make more blocks and thought it would make a great picture that would honor the quilter that made it.  So off to Hobby Lobby to purchase a frame and put it up.

Here it is in my spare bedroom, along with my embroidery dresser scarf (with the edge not done yet, yikes!) and two other quilts that I make.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Dresser Scarf and Quilt


I saw this lovely pre-printed dresser scarf at the thrift store and just couldn't pass it up.  I have really enjoyed following Yesterday Embroidery and Stamped Linen Embroidery's wonderful needlework.  You lovely ladies have inspired me to return to my first love, embroidery.

I choose variegated purple for the lady dress, umbrella and bonnet.  I used 2 different color browns, light and dark, for the fence and a lovely scattering of colorful flowers.  This was a fun project and will look well on the wash stand in the spare bedroom.

 Now I need help.  How do I finish the edges?  Do I cut along the perforated opening?  Someone help me!



My husband wanted a lap quilt that was long enough to cover his feet when he is napping in the recliner but not too wide.  I had a mixed batch of small squares and I added 4 large blue one to break it up.  

 I used a diagonal pattern and worked around the large blue squares.  I had to pay attention to make sure that I keep the pattern going, but I obviously wasn't on point all the time.  In the upper right hand corner I mixed up the brown and off white square.  I was told once that quilters always make a small purposeful mistake in their work.   Has anyone heard of that?  Well it seems, I have done that several times, but not on purpose!

 For backing material I bought the same brown check that matched a few of the squares.  I hand quilted using some parts of templates that I made years ago for another quilt.


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