Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Saturday, February 6, 2016


I made this large basket in 2002.  It's 2 ft wide and 3 ft tall.  The handle is grapevine and the frame is willow.  The reed was dyed with walnut hulls.  

I scraped bark off the willow tree and wove it in to give it character.  The bark almost looks like leather!  This is the basket that I store my lap quilts in.  When I get cold while watching TV, I can reach for one to keep me warm.


I love this basket.  The frame is made entirely of willow with handles on the side.  

 It is woven with reed and scraped willow bark.  I use it in the bathroom to hold my bath towels.  This basket is 2 ft x 2ft and is large enough a small child could fit in it!



This cute 9 1/2" by 10" basket is hanging in the master bathroom to hold wash clothes.  

It's frame is made of willow and woven with dyed reed.  I tied 3 small stones with holes in them on the front, but have lost one.  


I have really slacked off this winter with sewing.  Work has been busy and a bit stressful but staring to slow down a bit now.  I tell everyone I'm in my pre-retirement period and getting ready to downgrade to a less busy job, something that I don't have 10 balls juggling in the air.  I'm looking for a simple cubical that has my name on it for a few short years or something with the local schools, that I can have the summers off.  Will start looking this summer.  I will miss my senior patients, but its time to move on.  

I have a vintage quilt on the frame and am working of a vintage Sunbonnet Sue I started in the 1970's.   So hopefully, I will have some sewing to show you soon.

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