Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Projects for a New Year


I've had a platform rocker for a while and I was tired of the old brown fabric.  I finally got around to reupholering it and it really didn't take me too long.  

The old fabric...

The new fabric...reminds me of a Monet painting.

Looks like a different chair.  Next I have to start work on the sofa.  Now that will be a project!



I have a hard time finding a purse that I like.  I don't carry a lot of stuff and don't want a huge bag that hangs off my arm.  I like them small and prefer a shoulder strap purse with lots of compartments.  So...

I cut my old purse apart......

And used the inner pouch, zipper and shoulder strap and added cardboard and another zipper to denim and a blue plaid...

And now I have just the right size!



A while back I found this dresser scarf at my favorite thrift store and got around to embroidering it.  The only thing I didn't know what to do was the edging. 

Well....when I had our girlfriend weekend in October at my friend Teresa's house I brought the scarf and thread and was going to have Teresa show me how to crochet a simple edgding.  There was no way I was going to be able to replicate what she was doing, so she kept it and finished it for me.  Whew!

I think she did a lovely job on it and when she got it back to me I didn't work on it right away.  So this past week I grabbed it and sewed it on.

Thank you Teresa!

Now it's ready for its place on my dresser with my Korean jewelry box and apppointment cards stuck in the mirror.  You can also see in the mirror my Thanksgiving cactus is still blooming! 

I've really slacked off on sewing last year, too many doctor appointments, but I'm back in the groove again.
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  1. Oh my! I could never undertake a job of covering a chair or making a purse! What talent you have! My oldest daughter has done some recovering on old chairs. The dresser scarf is beautiful and what a dear friend to make the edging for it.

  2. I love my glider rocker! Yours looks beautiful (and comfortable) dressed up in the Monet print! I grew up with an embroidered scarf, with this same pattern, on my bedroom dresser. I still have it! You will enjoy all of those pockets...and, your Christmas cactus is gorgeous!!!

  3. You are busy as usual! Love the new look of the chair. (Reminds me I need to make new cushions for the dining room chairs!) I totally get the small purse. I have downsized my purse too and have a favorite one. Teresa did a great job on the dresser scarf, so pretty! Hope you are having a good new year and it's not too cold in your neck of the woods.

  4. The fabric does look like Monet! It looks beautiful. I love your little purse! I am needing to downsize on my is way to large to lug around. The little dresser scarf really dressed up your dresser! Hope you can start to feel better and stay out of the doctor's office soon!