Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Tuesday, October 4, 2016



I had the opportunity to take a trip recently and I chose Hawaii.  My plan is to change jobs by the end of this year, if possible, and I wanted to use up my vacation days.  With my current job I have a lot of flexibility when I go and how long I can be gone and so I said "What the heck!" and bought a ticket to Oahu where my brother and his wife live.  Actually 2 tickets - my son went with me.  We had a very lovely time.  Here are some pictures:

We stopped at a scenic beach/picnic area.  There were always clouds in the mountains.  This was the view in one directions...

And this was the view in the other.  The island is called Chinaman's Hat.

A Portuguese Man of War was laying on this beach.  I thought it was sooo cool until later in the day one stung me.  It turned red and blistered up but barely stung.  I think it was my initiation onto the island!  Cool!

Morning sunrise...

Beautiful color of the water and I love watching the waves crash on the lava.

Little did I know that my brother lived by a famous landmark.  Gillian's Island!  Also known as Coconut Island.

We did a lot of snorkeling and I was lucky enough to see a sea turtle or Honi as they call them there.  We also toured the USS Missouri Battleship, the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Bowfin Submarine at Pearl Harbor.  Took a stroll in Waikiki and visited the Bishop Museum. 

An then there was gift buying...

       Shirts for my grandson's.  I didn't want anything too flowery!


       Sarongs and flowers for their hair for the granddaughters.

           For me: an over the shoulder tote bag 

 and a beautiful purple dress.

We had a great time and both got sunburned.  


Three of our granddaughters came to visit over this past weekend and we made a trip to the Renaissance Festival.  I made a dress for the youngest.  She was a lovely Princess in her sparkly beige dress with pink under sleeves and pink ribbon.

 Later that day we made jewelry with the shells and coral I brought back.


I wanted to thank my brother and his wife for putting up with us for the week, so I made them this green and beige rug for their house.  The colors fit right in.


I have been doing a little sewing and will show my projects in my next post.   

Mahalo (Thank You)
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  1. Cinder, I am so happy for you to have a trip to Hawaii. The photo's are beautiful. Sorry you got stung by the jellyfish. I have never been there; but hope to someday. I love the dress you sewed for your grand-daughter for the Renaissance. The jewelry you made is a wonderful way to remind you of your special trip. I am certain that your host loved the rug you made for them. You are one crafty lady and talented in so many different ways.

    1. The sting wasn't bad at all. I was surprised that it happened. We had fun with the jewelry making. I always have some kind of crafty project to work on or we play games or cards. Lots of fun.

  2. Your Hawaii photos are wonderful. I really like "Waves Crashing on the Lava." I am sure your youngest granddaughter loved her sparkly princess dress. What fun all of you must have had making jewelry (and making memories)!

  3. Looks like you had a great time in Hawaii! Beautiful pictures Cinders. I'm sure your brother and sister love the gorgeous rug. I miss the Kansas City Renaissance Fair. I'm sure your grand daughter loved her dress!!

    1. We did have a great time there and saw a lot of wonderful things. Soooo different than Missouri! The rug turned out to be just the right color.