Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Crazy Quilt and Wall Basket


These crazy quilt blocks were given to me not long ago.  All the blocks were different sizes so I had to trim some up and add additional fabric to others to make them all the same size or square.

 Someone put a lot of work into them.  First they hand pieced each piece of fabric to make a block, then they tacked it to an additional square of fabric to form a large block.  Pictures below are the backs of two blocks.  You can see the stitches on the front of the third picture.


Again, I am unable to date it but would guess most of the fabrics are from the1950's.  Because the blocks were pieced together, I decided to piece together navy blue fabric I had on hand for the border and back.  I also lined the border with white muslin so it would have the same weight throughout the whole quilt. 

 Here is the back and border all lined.
This will be a nice warm full size quilt for the winter.  I'm sure my son will enjoy it.

I hand tied it. 



I love the grapevine handle on this wall basket.  It really makes it stand out.  


I dyed the reed with walnut hulls and used creek bank willow for  the ribs and rim. 


Narrow strips of leather were woven in the main body of the basket.  It's a nice size baskets that would hold letters, wash clothes or small kitchen gadgets. 


Here's a family photo I found while working on my family genealogy.  What a motley crew!!!  I'm the one with the funny looking shirt.

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  1. How lucky you were to receive these blocks! You made a very nice quilt from them. Also, the basket is a work of art! Do you collect your own materials from nature for the baskets?

    1. Yes, I gather the grapevine and willow and use it up before it dries out. The reed is store bought but I dye it in walnut hulls to give it that color. I don't remember where I got the leather. I made this basket a few years ago.

  2. The crazy quilt will sure be warm this winter and perfect for a guy! I love the wall basket, as I have one similar you made for me. Sweet family photo!

    1. Thanks. It's been nice looking back on the photos. I'm sure my son will be very warm this winter with the quilt.

  3. What a wonderful job you did putting the quilt together! Who ever made those blocks would be so is lovely! Love your wall basket and the family photo is heart warming!You were such a cute little one!

  4. Love your crazy quilt blocks and they turned into a lovely cozy quilt. Like that you hand tied it.
    Fun picture and nice basket too!

  5. It is nice that people give to you these quilting blocks and that you take them across the finish line. Wonderful job. I love the quilt. The border fabric was the perfect choice. Always love your baskets too. Neat how you use walnut shells for staining. I admire all your talents.

  6. Hello, just dropped in to see how you are and what you have created next!