Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Patch Quilt


I inherited most of these squares from my friend Sherri's mother.  I thought they were an odd collection of colors and prints.  I almost separated them to use in different quilts, but that didn't seem right.  They came to me as a "set" so I had to work with it.  I added a few of my own to make this full size quilt.  Once I laid it out, the blocks started to blend together, bring out some good earth tones.

When it came to the border, I couldn't find anything to make it pop, to bring it all together.  I put several fabrics with it and they didn't improve it.  THEN, I found this piece of lovely brown in my stash, which I call "Cappuccino".  The brown really set the blocks.  

I hand quilted a straight stitch around the blocks but got fancier on the border and corners.  This was the quilt that my granddaughters helped me on.

I bought some brown, leafy fabric for the back and binding.  I'm really happy how it turned out.



I spent one Saturday with my sister and her 3 granddaughters.  We had so much fun bike riding, laughing and telling stories.  One thing the girls said was that they were going to get a cat.  Well, that was news to my niece.  They already had 2 dogs and NO, they were not getting a cat, she said!  Sooo, when the youngest birthday arrived, I decided to get her a "cat".

I grabbed some fabric and scissors and away I went.  The mouth is a zipper and was made so that she can store secret treasures in.

At least with this cat, you don't need a litter box!  
(It's really kind of homely!)
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  1. I'm so glad the little squares got to stay together! And, what a beautiful quilt they I would love to snuggle under these cool evenings. I love the cat's zipper mouth. I can only imagine the secret treasures this little kitty might hide.

  2. I saw this quilt when I visited. It's so beautiful, my mother would love it and the cat is adorable!

  3. You did magic with the blocks you received and I think you got it spot on with the border fabric. As well as the backing and binding. It looks wonderful. What a beautiful quilt. The hand quilting is wonderful too! Also love the kitty pillow. Perfect gift for one who truly wants a cat in her life. You were very creative with the zipper for the mouth. A girl always has treasures that need just that perfect place to store away.

  4. Very pretty quilt! It just screams "Fall" to me, especially with the brown border and backing.

  5. You did wonderfully with the blocks! I love that cat! So cute!