Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Monday, October 5, 2015

Girlfriends are wonderful!


This past weekend was the annual lost arts/living history festival at Fleming Park in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  There were crafter's making paper, spinning wool, rugs, and wood carving.  There was a tinsmith, a blacksmith and quilters, with many items for sale.  Also demonstrations on how to make apple butter, apple cider, sorghum and living history of medicine of the time period.  Children could play old time games from bow and arrows to stilt walking.  There were horse drawn rides and visitors could get up close to 2 amazing oxen.

  Mountain men vendors had displays of many animal pelts from buffalo to beaver with fun things for sale.  If you look hard, you can kinda see the tepee in the background behind the oxen.  

There were many other fun activities, along with some wonderful dulcimer, fiddle and guitar music.

Here is part of our crew:  me, Teresa, Sherri and Robin standing in front of one of the many 1855 buildings that you could tour through.

We would take time out from selling old time candy, baked goods, dolls, pottery and needlework in Teresa booth and visit the vendors.  
AND THEN I saw it!  A rug loom!  

  Upon my soul, I had to buy it.  I know I said I was going to work on all my unfinished projects, but.....OMG, what is a person to do!  I promise to continue to work on my other projects, I promise!



Sherri and I did some shopping before heading to Missouri Town and I found this 1960's metal loom in an antique store.  

All the parts were there, even the loops and booklet with instructions on how to use both loops and yarn.  I had to buy it!  $4.00!  It is a nice addition to my supply of fun projects for my granddaughters or great nieces.  



I was so excited to have Sherri stay with me before we headed to Missouri Town.  When she opened the trunk of her car to get her lugage out, there were the Prairie dolls that she make to sell at the festive, along with a few topsy-turvy dolls and Lula Bea Butternut.  I almost started to cry.  LULA BEA!  Sherri asked if I wanted her.  Do I WANT HER!  Absolutely!  

Sweet Lula Bea is now sitting perched on the window ledge in the spare bedroom, keeping an eye on things with her button eyes.  

Sherri also brought me 2 beautiful crochet vintage doll dresses.  The needle work is exquisite and I have a shelf I will put them on in Lula Bea's room (notice how it went from spare bedroom to Lula Bea's) to display them.   She also gave me a set of quilt hangers and I already know where to use them. 


What a great weekend I had and it was fun to get away and be with friends.  
BFF explains it all.

Love you girls,


  1. So much to love here...Sweet Lula Bea, Loop Craft Weaving loom (have spent many hours making potholders with one just like this), the cattle, and... gotta love that stylin', good-looking crew!

  2. Fantastic! And what a great friend Sherri is! Lula Bea will be a good companion for you.
    My girls used to have a metal loom like this one. I think there are still a few potholders around that they made on the loom.

  3. Cinders, Nothing more special than life long best girlfriends! I had such a wonderful time this weekend & we couldn't have had better weather for the event. My voice is a bit gravely from all the laughing and "hen" talk!! Can't wait to get a beautiful rug from that loom & a couple of pot holders too......hint hint! Miss you already.........

  4. Your time together looks like you all had fun. Love how you were all dressed for the event. The gifts from Sherri are special and fit perfectly in your Lula Bea Room. I hope you share what you will be making on the rug loom. And what fun to make pot holders on the little antique loom. I remember having one of those when I was a young girl.

  5. Love your post! And your cute!