Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Monday, March 2, 2015

Duckling Quilt, Fan Quilt and Spicy Spiral Table Runner


Here it is, my Duckling quilt.  The colors pop, although the picture doesn't reflect that, and I really enjoyed working on it.  It was machine sewed together, then I hand quilted it.  I drew wavy lines free hand on the border and sash to make it look like the ducks were flying in the sky.

I found a nice yellow spotted fabric for the back and use the same print from the blocks for the binding.

 Just a reminder....

The Kansas City Star published free quilt patterns from designers and readers from 1928 to 1961 in the hopes of increasing female readership.  This one is an Eveline Foland design called Ducklings.



1 Duckling quilt in the quilting frame - COMPLETED
1 Fan quilt being hand tied - COMPLETED
1 quilt no longer in the quilting frame (I'm not happy with it)
3 quilt tops done, ready to be put together  - 1 OF THESE QUILTS NOW IN FRAME
9 sets of blocks in various stages of incompleteness (is that a word?)
5 different piles of fabric ready to be cut into blocks
and lots and lots of fabric just waiting....

1 wool braided rug fabric ready to be cut into strips

Table Runner
2 different piles of fabric picked out ready to be cut -

3 pillow canvases

Deer antlers 
3 antlers to be made into baskets - someday

Not bad!  I'm working right along.  The quilt in the frame that I'm hand quilting  I call  "Cappuccino", the colors are warm and gorgeous.  I'll continue working on the needlepoint pillow, (which is slow work) and maybe put a dent in the wool rug project.



This quilt came to me completely done, along with a bunch of fabric.  I used a light pink for the back and hand tied it.   I like the bit of lace that was used.

I have some of these fabrics in my stash!  I gave this quilt to my sister as an extra blanket when all her grandchildren come over.



This table runner I made for my sister from fabric I had in my stash pile.  She wanted blues and yellows.  I only has a small amount of the blue check, so I pieced some together. 


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  1. Great progress on your chore list! If only I could be so brave to make one myself, stick to it, and finally have the satisfaction of checking each project off. You must be delighted to have the first quilt out of your new frames, and to have it turn out so beautifully. Your sister's tablerunner is gorgeous!

  2. Love your quilts! The lace on the fan quilt is nice; I made one and used rick rack instead of lace. And the spiral table runner ~ golly ~ that's something to be proud of! I can imagine it took a lot of concentration to keep up with the orders of the colors.

  3. The duckling quilt is so pretty, I love those colors. Fan quilt is so cute & I like the addition of the lace too. The table runner is very striking. I think I recognize a fabric! Tee Hee. You are sure doing a good job with your list. I need to make one, perhaps that would get me moving faster!

  4. The quilt is just beautiful! I have some patterns from old newspapers and they are so good! The table runner is so pretty!

  5. All three of your projects are so nice. I love that they are all three different from one another; but I like each and every one of them. I love the patterns from the past.