Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Friday, March 20, 2015

Baskets and Pillows


 This is what awaited me this morning.  What a lovely sight.  



Here are a few of my baskets that my sister has.  

This grapevine handled small basket was woven with cream colored corduroy material, jute and dyed reed.  I love how each grapevine handle can look differently.  On the potato basket, I dyed the reed in walnut hulls and dark green Ritz dye.  The ribs of both baskets are made with creek bank willow.

The large potato basket is made from reed, scraped willow bark and willow ribs and rim.  I put handles on this one, but (oops) the dog chewed one side off.  I will have to put some time in on repairs, it's looking kind of loose and worn.  The small egg basket is woven with sea grass, dyed reed and pansy fabric, with a grapevine handle. 

This small unique basket has willow ribs, barbed wire handle and woven with torn denim jeans.   One of my favorites!  I made sure that the barbs were spaced apart in the center so your hand would not get stabbed!



I'm still working on it!  Here are the wool cut up for the braided rug:  blue, red, green, tan and plaids.  The rug is starting to take shape and looks good.

More on it later and I added a...


Ok, so I added one more task to my list.  My sister, (I talk about my sister a lot, but I do have 3 brothers too!) needed some pillows to match a rocking chair seat that she recovered.  Glad to do it for her.


Old pillows and new fabric.  They're going to look good!

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  1. Beautiful photo of your view. We've been having fog in the morning and dreary rainy days. The forsythia is full of buds so I know spring is on the way. Lovely baskets. I still have my little basket with the "kick stand", it's a favorite of mine! New time your down, we'll go gathering at the creek. So glad all is going well with you.

  2. You have been busy and so productive! I tried making baskets a long time ago. I always thought I would like to make white oak splint baskets but my hands won't let me. My hands and fingers get sore from all the sewing and stitching I do so I don't want to make it worse by making baskets. Good luck on all your projects!

  3. The baskets are so interesting a real works of art. I look forward to seeing more on your braided rug. The pillow will look so fresh and new with the new fabric covers.

  4. Lovely baskets! Your weaving and braiding amazes me!

  5. Two sisters (including me) and three brothers in my family, too. And, I am right in the middle. I love seeing more of your wonderful baskets. Isn't weaving a fascinating thing? I got a terrible case of poison ivy rash once when out gathering Virginia Creeper to use in one of my baskets; seems where it grows poison ivy does too. I wish I had kept up the basket making; afraid I have even forgotten how to make God's eyes (yours are so nice).