Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Table Runners

I don't give a lot of gifts out at Christmas, but this year I got busy and make 3 table runners for my family. 

I had a few triangles left over from a past project and so decided to add a pretty cream fabric.  Sometimes I start a project and not sure what I'm going to do with it.  I wait til it "speaks" to me.  And yes it did!  This lovely runner would be perfect for my brother and his wife who live in Hawaii.

The cranberry color has a slight gradient to it.  My brother sent me a picture of the runner on his kitchen counter and it looked great.


My sister-in-law sent me a box of many projects that she and her grandmother had started.  (See the patchwork quilt on 11/16/15.)  In the box were these set of hexagon blocks and fabric to make many more.  Wellll, I started a flower garden quilt and STILL have not completed it and I was NOT going to do another one.  So I thought I would make this table runner and send them back to her.  

She paper pieced the hexagons together and did a wonder job of it.  I just appliqued them on to this cool white fabric and used some of the extra fabric that was in the box for a border.

The runner now has a place on top of their freezer and fits perfect.


I had these colors lay out to make myself a spiral table runner.  Never got around to it and glanced over to see the fabrics laying there and thought of my step son and his girlfriend.  These colors would look fabulous in their house.  

I choose this simple pattern, thinking it would highlight each of the fabric.  I love green and browns together.  My husband was by their house a few days ago and he said that it was on their coffee table. 


I have slowed down on my sewing these past few months.  I've been busy working on my family genealogy.  My grandmother told me years ago about her parents and grandparents, with birth/death dates, jobs, hobbies...   It's been lots of fun and I've been able to trace back several generations on many sides of the family.  From the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI and WWII, along with Korea and Vietnam veterans.   I have located census records, marriage certificates and draft registrations.  I'm complying a book and adding photo's when I can.  Interesting, very interesting.


Many wishes to you in this new year!

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  1. Wow, you've been busy Cinders. Beautiful job on all the table runners. I do believe I recognized some green fabrics, my mother used them in a quilt for Leann if I remember correctly! So nice to see them being used, she would love all the things you have been doing. The genealogy is very interesting, I look forward to seeing what you dig up. Have a very wonderful new year and I look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. What a joy these beautiful table runners will be for your family members! There is no gift that means so much as one made by hand. Best wishes to you in the new year, and much success in your genealogy work!

  3. Your runners made beautiful gifts! It's always rewarding to know they're being used too. Genealogy is really time consuming but indeed interesting!

  4. Each one is so lovely! Such a sweet and wonderful gift idea!

  5. Three wonderful quilt projects and so nice that you made them as gifts. Good luck to you on the family genealogy. I think knowing about your history and to pass the information on is important. Good luck with all your new goals.