Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Twin Quilts and Bathrobe Quilt


Our family will soon be blessed with twin girls, born to my husband's nephew and his wife.  How exciting!  On my project list, I had fabric saved to make a nice girly quilt.  So what I did was add some addition fabric and made two.  And pink!  I used the same rail fence pattern on both quilts.

I really like the light mint green fabric.  It gives it a cool dimension.  I added yellow, pink and a darker green to break up so much pink. 



Every baby shower I go to I make a small autograph book for loved ones to write words of encouragement, advise, or just congratulations. 

I purchase various stickers and place them throughout the book.  I wrote some advise:  "Keep it simple".  Children tend to get overwhelmed when we parents plan activities.  A simple picnic in the backyard, a fun walk in the park, making macaroon necklaces...  I found I kept my sons attention better when it was not complicated and we enjoyed ourselves. 



I've been using my mother's white chenille bathrobe for many years and finally this winter it became so threadbare that I decided to retire it and make 2 small lap quilts. 

I purchased some fleece in yellow and pink and found a large print pink flower for the back.  The chenille was worn down and thin that I could see the backing material thru it, so I had to add quilt batting to the middle.  Now they are really warm!

In this picture, I tried to show how threadbare some spots are.  I hand tied each quilt.  I plan on giving one quilt to my sister.  It will be nice to look at it and remember our mother.



With all the rain this year, the trees and flowers are really growing.

This is a Cinnamon Magnolia tree.  When we first moved to our property, it was only 2 feet tall and scraggy.  In 4 years, now it is about 8 feet tall.  My husband threatens every year to cut it down, just to torment me.  I've enjoyed watching it grow.  Some years the beautiful, velvety brown leaves fall off, but they didn't last year.  


I'm still quilting and working on other fun sewing projects.  More to show later...

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  1. I love your latest creations, especially your quilts made from your mothers robe. I too wear my mom's housecoat, it makes me feel a very close connection to her. I wonder how many of us do something like that? Sweet twin quilts & baby book for shower quests to sign. Your flowers look so colorful!

  2. I love the two baby girl quilts that you made; the backings are great too. The baby book is adorable and I think it is a wonderful idea and such a special gift in itself. Taking the robe and making two very special quilts and sharing with your sister is so very thoughtful. How creative you are. This will be a cherished item for sure. Your plants are looking wonderful. When we lived at one home for 16 plus years I too enjoyed watching the trees grow. We have had to move so often since then; I look forward to settling down in one spot for awhile and taking note of how things change and grow with time. I enjoyed reading your posting today.

  3. Sweet little the pattern and the way you mixed in the green. Your autograph book is a wonderful idea and will be treasured throughout the years, especially when the girls have children of their own.

  4. Your post is so cheerful! How wonderful to have twins in the family! The little quilts are so sweet and how wonderful of you to create the baby book! How good to re purpose your mom's bathrobe so that it can still be enjoyed! Love your pretty flowers!