Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Friday, June 5, 2015

Quilt Blocks, Table Runner and Strawberries

 I really like the name of these quilt blocks.  It does seem like some kind of puzzle as you look at them and figure out what direction they are going in.


The quilt blocks came from my friend Teresa, who picked them up at an auction and gave them to me.  I thought they were lovely and couldn't wait to set them.  Black and red are not the usual colors I work with, but I gave it a go. 

 The white fabric is old flower sack material.  You can see a few stains on the blocks and all were hand sewn.  Most of the blocks were not exactly square, so I did my best to center them. 


  The only problem was that one set of blocks was made from this brownish print!  What!  How did this fabric make it into the mix?  It's not red or black, it's not polka dot or checked, and it's not what I would call floral!  How about "unusual"!

 It just didn't go, so off to the fabric store I went and found this great black and red floral print.  I also pick up this lovely red fabric for the other blocks and backing.


 The quilt is queen size and I knew at the time I would not be able to quilt it by hand so I sent it off to be machine quilted.  Now I've been able to enjoy it for several years on my bed!

(this is not one of the quilts on my project list.  Holy Moly, I'm still working on those!)


I'm attending a wedding of my nephew this weekend and made this simple table runner for the new couple. 

 I choose cream and tan colors to make it neutral for any color scheme they have in their home.  This was make with just left over fabric in my stash.

I framed the strips with a little darker color to make them stand out more.  I hope they like it.


I'm keeping my garden simple this year.  The early cool temperature and rain limited what I planted and the weather continues to dictate what I will harvest.  Everything is so waterlogged but I have a great BUMPER crop of strawberries.  


 I've made jam, ice cream, desserts, fruit salad, shortcake and syrup.  I froze a lot and dried some and ate a lot.  And still so many are rotting in the patch.  Our neighbor is coming tomorrow to pick what they want.  They are good and tasty!!!


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  1. How lucky for your friend to have found the blocks and what a lovely job you did in putting it all together! Your table runner is so pretty. I have tried and tried to raise strawberries.......but they never do well for me. You are wise to put some away. Fresh strawberries are always the best!

  2. It's always a pity when quilts aren't used, so your Old Maids Puzzle is one of the lucky ones. It really is a beautiful quilt. The colors in the lovely new table runner are right up my a combination of neutral colors. If we had to choose only one plant to grow, we probably would have lots of strawberries...just wonderful fresh out of the garden!

  3. Very nice quilt! I love that you have taken the time to use the old quilt blocks. My mother used to have a strawberry patch. It was a lot of work but oh so good. I buy mine at a local farmer's stand and made several runs of jam. Strawberry is our favorite!

  4. Lovely quilt Cinder. I love the colors & it looks great on your bed. I knew you were going to have a bumper crop of strawberries. You know Cinder, I love strawberry jam........and we're having a girls weekend in Sept. Ha Ha!

    1. I'm way ahead of you girlfriend! Already have a jar set back for you. Apple's are looking good too and my apple jelly last year was pretty good! I may add cinnamon to it this year! Hum, sounds yummy!