Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Friday, April 24, 2015

Braided Rug, Garden

This rug I made from several wool skirts and jackets.  I loved the red plaid skirt when I saw it and worked the other colors around it. 

I'm still new at making rugs and don't quite know how much fabric it will take.  So this rug measures 3 ft x 2 1/2 ft.

Again, I cut the strips 3 inches wide, sewed them together, then folded them over.  When I had 3 long lengths done, I braided them and hand sewed it on the bottom to keep it secure.  My rugs tend to be wavy, so I vacuum them and it really helps to make them lay flat.  After a few time walking on them with an anti skip pad underneath, the rug lays perfect. 




What a spring I am having with my garden, or lack of!  It has been raining every few days so we are unable to till the plot and its been so cold at nights.  Needless to say, I have nothing planted at all!!!!! 


I bought a 4 shelf greenhouse, not very large or sturdy, but it came with a clear plastic covering to protect the plants.  I had some tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, and radishes started.  But disaster hit and the wind knocked it over.  I lost most of my seedling and had to start over.  Ugh!  Now the greenhouse is secured to the garden shed.  I reset the plants and they are doing ok.  Nothing to brag about.   



My sister bought some fabric to recover the seat of her rocking chair.  With the left over fabric I took over the task of recovering 2 feather pillows.  As you can see by the photo, feathers are sticking out all over the pillows, so I bought some light brown bed ticking to cover them before making the outside covering.

I think they turned out nicely.

I even used the old zippers so that the covers can be removed and washed, if needed.

Here are the original covers. 



Morel mushrooms are popping up all over the place this year.  I tried my hand at drying some and here they are.  I made a pot of beef stew and added a few an hour before serving to hydrate them and allow the flavors to blend.  They turned out pretty good.  I was afraid that the mushrooms would disintegrate, but they held their shape.  I look forward to using them in the middle of the winter to capture that spring flavor.



I've been busy at work lately.  Working almost 8 hours a day!  OMG, I'm a good 6 to 6 1/2 hours a day worker.  What's happening is that work in interfering with my sewing time!!!!  Also I recently got back into bike riding and upgraded my old el cheapo bike for a cadillac model.  Cherry apple red and rides like a dream!  My goal:  get healthier, loose weight and get outdoors.  So far it all is working.


I'm still working on my project list.  I can check off the braided rug and I'm working on hand quilting 2 quilts.  Here's a preview of one of them....


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  1. Cinder, I enjoyed reading your post today and seeing all your projects. The wool braided rug is fantastic. You did a great job and I love the colors. So sorry to hear about your greenhouse falling over. I hope that what you have saved will be okay. And I hope the weather will co-operate and let you till your garden. The two pillows are very pretty. Good idea about adding the ticking cloth. And reusing the zipper; you are quite the sewer. Your mushrooms are interesting and I bet they will make for some great soup this winter. We use to ride bikes when we were in Colorado. It is harder here; living in the country with a dirt road. Happy for you to upgrade and hope you get plenty of time to ride. And lastly, your quilt is wonderful too. I like your stitching pattern. Have a great weekend.

    1. I, too, live in the country so I have to drive to a local state park with a hiking path to ride. Lucky it's close to home and sometimes my sister goes with me. I am enjoying it, but today I am sore after yesterdays ride. Maybe I got a bit aggressive, oops.

  2. You have certainly been a busy gal. Doesn't it feel good to check off things on the "to do" list .I love your wool rug. I will be tackling a couple more dollhouse rugs for the second fairy house soon. I did find the braiding hard on my fingers that have arthritis! Maybe I will do some chair pads and place mats. (I'll add that to my list) Cool bicycle. I wish I could find mushrooms, they look so tasty.

  3. You're a busy, busy person!! The rug is really nice! Do you ever crochet rugs from strips of fabric?
    We're too wet here to plant anything too.
    I've never had a real bike; my husband bought an exercise bike for me; I could ride all day and never get anywhere :)

    1. My exercise bike in the basement is where I drape my fabric when I'm trying to decide what piece to use! Outdoor biking is MUCH better. I have crochet rugs in the past, but I have to be careful because it hurts my wrist with the twisting motion. I'm probably not doing it correctly!

  4. It seems you have done a bit better with your to-do list than I have. I love the rug! I would think the stitching involved could be a bit challenging, but you have done a fantastic job. Glad you got the little greenhouse secured. You'll enjoy it. Several years ago I had a greenhouse and loved it; still dream about getting another. I see you have been enjoying your new quilting frame; beautiful stitches! Congratulations on the new Cadillac! It doesn't surprise me that you are a bike enthusiast. Have fun!

  5. Your rug is so pretty and my goodness you have made good time with your busy hands! Having a greenhouse is so rewarding!

  6. I just happened by your blog. I love your rug and the mushrooms! I've been wanting to braid a rug, but haven't gotten around to it yet. We only found a couple of molly moochers this year. I love them dredged in flour and fried - they are so delicious.