Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Bittersweet Needle and Thread

Tuesday, January 20, 2015



Here is a collection of some of my baskets that I use every day.  This basket was one of the first deer antler baskets that I made around 2001.  It was very different then regular handled basket, as I had to make sure that it was balanced and would sit without falling to one side.  I helped this out by adding the stone with a hole in it that I got from my friend Sherri.  The ribs are willow and the reed was dyed in walnut hulls.

 This basket is in my bathroom holding wash clothes. 



This basket was made in 2004 from reed that was dyed in walnut hulls and yellow ritz dye.  I also used sunflower fabric for weaving.  The rim is an old embroidery hoop that was my grandmother's.

 This is where I keep my curlers. (Yes there are some of us out there that sleep in curlers!)



I purchased some bamboo handles in the mid 1990's and made this fun basket from willow and dyed reed.  To dress it up I added a green satin ribbon.



 This basket holds my makeup.  It's getting pretty beat up from daily use and some of the ribs are getting broken.  I'll use it until it wears out and enjoy every minute of it.


UPDATE:  I'm soooo excited.  I just purchased a new quilting frame this week and can't wait till it arrives.  NOW I'll be able to hand quilt crib to queen size quilts!  Up to now my frame only allows full size as the largest and that would put a strain on it.  Oh what fun I'm going to have.  And my husband is sooo happy to have it in the living room!!!!

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  1. What wonderful little baskets! The antler basket with Sherri's stone attached is a work of art for sure. I also like your weaving in of cloth and ribbon. I have collected baskets for a long time, and never tire of them...some I use, and some I just admire. One of my favorites has an attached bit of snake skeleton. And another has attached clay beads which were fired in a wood stove.

    I am sure your husband will enjoy your company in the living room while you quilt. Maybe he could add a stitch or two now and then!

    1. HA HA HA, I don't see that happening. He is patient and only comments occasionally, but admires it from afar.

  2. Wow! what talent you have, to be able to make such cute baskets!
    I hope you will post more about your new quilting frame. Mine sits in my sewing room, a bedroom converted to sewing room, and a lot of the time it's too cool for quilting.

  3. I love your baskets as you know! A new quilting frame.................perhaps I should send you more blocks Ha Ha!
    Just back from a trip to New York with Leann. She was shopping the garment district for costume fabric & had a private lesson. ( We had fun, bit I'm so glad to be back......I am not a city person) Steve and I are coming up the first week in Feb. I will call and maybe we can get together.